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Mark IV Metal Products is a regional leader in tube and pipe bending and fabricating. With over a half-century of experience, we have the expertise to manufacture your semi-finished and finished products made out of carbon steel, stainless steel, Chromoly, and aluminum. Our extensive tooling and die stock allow us to service customers more quickly and inexpensively. Visit the Bend Tooling section of this website to design your product to our existing tooling and die stock.

Quality control is paramount to all of our processes at Mark IV Metal Products, including Tube Bending. Our process delivers smooth, wrinkle-free bends, with minimal tube deformation. Mark IV Metal Products has the ability to hold tolerances as low as thirty-thousandths of an inch during tube bending.

End users for our Tube Bending services span fitness and exercise equipment, automotive, government and defense, medical, and general industry, among others.

Additional, value-added processes we can administer before or after tube bending include piercing, drilling, welding, threading, punching, cold saw cutting, tube laser cutting, and notching.

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Tube & Pipe Bending

Sample of Rectangular Bent tubing in both the easy and hard way configuration

Some general examples of current or recent work performed by Mark IV Metal Products include:

Tube bending for medical carts, trays, posts, and beds.


Tube or pipe bending for fitness, exercise, and sporting equipment.


Tube bending for restaurant, kitchen, barbecue, and appliances.


Tube fabrication for agricultural, retail, construction, and hardware markets.


Tube or pipe bending for the automotive and transportation industry.


Tube fabrication for military and defense requirements.

To save time & money visit our bend tooling page.

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